Discipleship Training Program


Satan's first recorded words to Eve in Genesis 3 were "Did God really say..." and Satan has continued to tempt us to question God's Word ever since. Our greatest defense for this tactic is the same one Jesus used when tempted by Satan - to better know and understand God's Word! This is the motivation behind DTP which is currently in its third cycle. Already 16 men within our congregation have completed this 2-year program and are now applying that knowledge in their homes, at their jobs, and in service at Providence. 

Course Outline

DTP meets from 6:00-7:30 am on 1 to 2 Saturdays per month over a 2-year period totaling 40 sessions. We study through 5 books that provide an in-depth study of our Christian beliefs and how those beliefs affect our behavior. 


If you're interested in joining our next DTP starting in 2019, please contact course instructor Alex Knepp at alex.knepp@germanamerican.com.